So, what exactly is Fort Detrick in Maryland, USA, just an hour’s drive from the US Army Medical Command in Washington?

In the United States, some people believe that there is multiple evidence that Fort Detrick’s emergency shutdown in August last year was very strange, thinking that it may be the source of the new coronavirus, and caused the influenza pandemic in autumn and winter in the United States. At the Wuhan Military Games, American military athletes spread to China, and the virus broke out again after being mutated.
 Dr. Sara Cody, the director of the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health

   So it can be seen that the question of whether the Fort Detrick virus is the source of the virus will really be unclear for a while. But there is one thing-the results of an autopsy published by an American public health official on the evening of April 21 showed that a death case in Santa Clara County, California on February 6 was infected with the new coronavirus. Dr. Sarah Cody, a public health official in Santa Clara County, said: “This means that we started to spread the coronavirus in the community much earlier than we recorded, and much earlier than we thought.” What does Sara Cody’s words mean?


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